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Sur Taal

Sur Taal
Artist: Gallery Product

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₹7,500.00 ₹6,500.00
Artist Gallery Product
Size 5 Inch X 6.5 Inch
Medium Natural Colour on Paper

About Artwork

Sur Taal is a stunning piece of art that captures the essence of traditional Indian music and culture. The painting is a beautiful example of miniature art, using organic colors on silk to create a vivid and detailed image. The main subject of the painting is a woman dressed in a traditional Indian outfit, sitting in a proper manner and playing the kartaal instrument.

The use of organic colors brings out the rich hues of the woman's dress and the intricate details of the kartaal instrument. The artist's attention to detail is truly impressive, as even the folds of the woman's dress and the texture of the kartaal are captured with stunning accuracy.

The composition of the painting is well-balanced, with the woman placed in the centre and the background delicately decorated with floral patterns. The overall effect is one of grace and elegance, capturing the beauty of Indian classical music and the artistry of the painter.

Sur taal is not just a painting, it is a work of art that captures the spirit of Indian culture and music. It is a testament to the skill and creativity of the artist, and a treasure that will be cherished by all who appreciate the beauty of miniature art.