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Sur Sadhna

Sur Sadhna
Artist: Gallery Product

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₹7,500.00 ₹6,500.00
Artist Gallery Product
Size 5 Inch X 7 Inch
Medium Natural Colour on Paper

About Artwork

Sur Sadhana is a beautiful miniature painting that showcases a traditional Indian lady playing the Jal tarang, a musical instrument made of ceramic bowls filled with water. The painting is executed on silk with natural colors and exudes a sense of peace and tranquillity.

The lady in the painting is dressed in traditional Indian attire, with a red and gold saree draped elegantly around her. Her hair is neatly tied in a bun, and she is wearing jewellery that complements her attire. She sits on a carpet, with the Jal tarang placed in front of her on a mat. Her fingers delicately strike the bowls, creating a soothing and melodic sound.

The background of the painting is minimalistic, with soft hues of blue and green, which add to the serenity of the artwork. The details of the lady's clothing, jewellery, and the musical instrument are intricately painted, showcasing the mastery of the artist.

Sur Sadhana is a masterpiece that captures the essence of traditional Indian music and art, showcasing the beauty and grace of the culture. It is a true testament to the skills and creativity of the artist and is a valuable addition to any art collection.