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Ganesha with Mango

Ganesha with Mango
Artist: Gallery Product

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₹7,000.00 ₹5,500.00
Artist Gallery Product
Size 10.2 Inch X 14 Inch
Shipping Type Glass Framed

About Artwork

Ganesha with Mango is a beautiful Madhubani painting, painted using vibrant watercolors on handmade paper. The painting depicts Lord Ganesha, one of the most revered deities in Hindu mythology, holding a ripe mango in one of his hands.

The intricate details of the painting highlight the artist's skill and precision. The painting showcases Ganesha's four arms, with one hand holding a parrot, another holding a lotus, and the third holding the beloved mango. Ganesha is shown in a relaxed pose, with a calm and content expression on his face.

The use of bright and bold colors in the painting gives it a lively and cheerful feel. The intricate patterns and designs in the background add depth and dimension to the painting. The painting is a beautiful depiction of Lord Ganesha, who is worshipped as the remover of obstacles and the lord of new beginnings.

Overall, Ganesha with Mango is a stunning Madhubani painting that is sure to mesmerize anyone who beholds it. It is a beautiful representation of the rich cultural heritage of India and the intricate art of Madhubani painting.