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Traditional 6

Traditional 6
Artist: Gallery Product

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₹2,500.00 ₹2,200.00
Artist Gallery Product
Size 8.2 Inch X 11 Inch
Medium Natural colours on paper

About Artwork

The magnificent harmony of vivid colours, intricate details, and deep symbolism that defines traditional paintings of Lord Krishna is what gives it tremendous artistic appeal. The divine charm and fascinating of Krishna are beautifully portrayed by artists, who also infuse the canvas with a spiritual aura that appeals to spectators. Enriching the entire aesthetic is the inclusion of ancient techniques, featuring the diverse textures of Tanjore art or the intricate strokes of miniature painting. A visual treat that transcends facile depiction is created by the combination of light and shadow, which provides dimension.

These paintings are more than just canvases; they beckon spectators to get fully engrossed in the eternal stories of justice, affection, and the bond between the holy and the real world. Traditional Krishna paintings is a enthralling fusion of artistic mastery and devotion because of the artistry that transcends each brushstroke in these portrayals.