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Madhubani 5

Madhubani 5
Artist: Gallery Product

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₹6,000.00 ₹4,000.00
Artist Gallery Product
Size 3.5 Inch X 11 Inch
Shipping Type Glass framed

About Artwork

Madhubani 5 is a stunning piece of art created using organic colors on silk. This painting depicts the intricate and detailed Madhubani style of painting, which originated in the Mithila region of India. The painting is dominated by the images of two beautiful creatures - peacock and fish.

At the top of the painting, a majestic peacock is depicted in all its glory with vibrant hues of green and blue. Its feathers are portrayed with great detail, giving the painting a lifelike quality. The peacock is also associated with Hindu mythology, symbolizing royalty, spirituality, and beauty.

The lower half of the painting portrays fish swimming in the water. The fish are depicted in different shapes and sizes, and the colors used to represent them are predominantly shades of blue and green. Fish hold a significant place in Madhubani art and are often used to depict fertility, abundance, and prosperity.

The intricate patterns and motifs used in Madhubani 5 are a testament to the skill and expertise of the artist. The use of organic colors on silk adds to the elegance of the painting, giving it a rich and luxurious feel. Overall, Madhubani 5 is a beautiful piece of art that captures the essence of the Madhubani style while showcasing the beauty of nature.