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Shrinath Ji with Cows

Shrinath Ji with Cows
Artist: Gallery Product

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₹180,000.00 ₹165,000.00
Artist Gallery Product
Size 23.5 Inch X 18 Inch
Shipping Type Framed

About Artwork

The painting, titled "Shrinath ji with Cows," depicts the Hindu deity Lord Srinathji standing in the middle of the painting, surrounded by a herd of white cows. The painting has been created using organic colors on cloth, giving it a distinct texture and a natural feel.

Lord Srinathji is depicted as a young boy with a crown of peacock feathers on his head, dressed in rich and vibrant traditional attire. The cows surrounding him are also painted with intricate detailing, highlighting the beauty and purity of these sacred animals.

To the left and right of the painting, four lotus flowers are depicted, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the artwork. The lotus, being a symbol of purity and enlightenment, holds great significance in Hindu mythology and is often used to depict deities.

Overall, the painting is a beautiful representation of the divine connection between Lord Srinathji and cows, which is an important aspect of Hinduism. The use of organic colors on cloth adds to the traditional and authentic feel of the artwork, making it a true masterpiece.