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Indian Bird 1

Indian Bird 1
Artist: Gallery Product

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₹7,800.00 ₹6,900.00
Artist Gallery Product
Size 5 Inch X 7 Inch
Shipping Type Glass framed
Medium Water colour on paper

About Artwork

Indian Bird-1 is a stunning painting that captures the essence of the beautiful and vibrant bird species found in India. The painting is a masterpiece of art, crafted with organic colors on organic paper, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable product. The artist has skill fully portrayed the intricate details of the bird's features, bringing out its sharpness and depth.

The colors used in this painting are organic and vibrant, creating a mesmerizing effect that captures the viewer's attention. The use of organic colors not only adds to the beauty of the painting but also makes it a healthy and non-toxic product. The painting portrays the bird in its natural habitat, and the artist has carefully depicted all parts of the bird, giving a sense of realism and authenticity.

The depth of the painting is impressive, with the bird appearing almost lifelike. It's almost as if the bird is about to take flight from the painting and soar into the sky. The painting would be a perfect addition to any gallery, adding a touch of nature and beauty to any space.

In conclusion, Indian Bird-1 is a beautiful painting that showcases the beauty and vibrancy of Indian birds. The use of organic colors and paper makes it a sustainable and eco-friendly product, and the artist's attention to detail and skilful portrayal of the bird's features makes it a masterpiece of art.