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Banaras Ghat 2

Banaras Ghat 2
Artist: B V Nalakar

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Artist B V Nalakar
Size 3 X 2 Inch
Sold by The Artlife Gallery

About Artwork

BV Nalakar, yet again gave us a painting of Banaras ghat named Banaras Ghat 2 which is totally different from his other works carry the same sense of positivity, that any religious places of the Bharat carry. If we talk about this wonder, then this painting is the perfect amalgamation of all the views a Banaras ghat offers. From the steps leading to Ganga to the steps leading to the highest temples, the stunning sky ready to shower to the Kesari flags adorned on the paths, this painting gives a very livid perspective about that ghat.

A painting that is anything but a window to calm can be an addition to your office to give you a door to help you keep the pressure at bay. The painting provides the details of the stunning sky that is ready to pour all its wrath into the calmness of the goddess Ganga.