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Banaras Ghat

Banaras Ghat
Artist: B V Nalakar

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Artist B V Nalakar
Size 5 X 3 Inch
Medium Acrylic on canvas

About Artwork

While most of the pictures that come from Banaras Ghats are mainly of the banks, the temples, and scenic beauty, this painting named Banaras Ghat by BV Nalakar presents to us the lesser presented side of these ghats. With half of it, lit with the sun rays, the other half of the painting that resides in the shadow depicts the colour coordination and the heights to which Nalakar took his imagination.

Studded with a beautiful colour palate of yellow and orange, this painting gives us the side of the ghats that are abuzz with the people who relax and finds peace sitting there. Boat rowing in the river adorned by the kesariya dhwajas gives us the perfect vibe of these banks where the spiritual city of Banaras stakes its claim.