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Banaras Ghat

Banaras Ghat
Artist: B V Nalakar

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Artist B V Nalakar
Size 5 X 3 Ft
Medium Acrylic on canvas

About Artwork

Hours before the sunrise, while there is still time to kick start the day, the peace and the silence is just something which is difficult to bring onto the canvas, yet Banaras Ghat by BV Nalakar conveys the message so beautifully, that for a minute everyone will feel like actually being in the painting rather than looking at it from the other side.

Being an artist is not easy, but when it comes to Nalakar we can all say that it seems to be his forte, with delicate strokes and even more stunning shades, this piece is nothing but a work of wonder and astonishment. With white as the dominating shade, one can say that it is really very creative of him to use it in such an amount and yet be able to portray his thoughts so precisely.