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Banaras Ghat 4

Banaras Ghat 4
Artist: B V Nalakar

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Artist B V Nalakar
Size 3 X 2.5 Ft
Medium Acrylic on canvas

About Artwork

What would be like to watch a sunset sitting on the bank of Ganga? Will everything be bathing in the golden light from the setting sun? will the scene be able to cast the charm that people talk about? This is will be worth treasuring for life.

To answer all these questions, we present to you Banaras Ghat 4 by BV Nalakar. This one stunning artwork has all the answers to what a perfect sunset from the banks of Ganga will look like. Bathing in the gold, the temples, the flowing water that looks like molten lava, and the peace that comes from the cool breeze of the most worshipped river of Bharat, everything is captured in this painting with a precision that can only be expected from Nalakar. After having a look at this masterpiece all one will want is to have it in its possession or leave everything and reach the scene as soon as possible.