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Gandhi 2

Gandhi 2
Artist: Shikha Ojhha

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Artist Shikha Ojhha
Size 24 Inch X 24 Inch
Shipping Type Framed
Created in 2016
Medium Monochrome on Canvas

About Artwork

Gandhi 2 is a striking monochrome painting created by the talented artist Shikha Ojha. The artwork showcases a thousand rupee note in various styles, all rendered in black and white. The composition of the painting is minimalistic yet impactful, with the repeated motif of the currency note creating a powerful visual effect.

As the eye moves across the painting, it is easy to see the subtle differences between each note, whether it be in the intricate patterns, the varying line weights, or the unique angles of the design. These differences help to create a sense of movement and dynamism within the artwork, as though the notes are shifting and changing before the viewer's eyes.

The use of monochrome lends a sense of timelessness and universality to the painting, allowing it to speak to a wide range of viewers across cultures and backgrounds. At its core, Gandhi 2 is a commentary on the role of money in our lives, and the way in which its power and influence can be both seductive and corrupting.

Overall, Gandhi 2 is a masterful example of monochrome artistry, demonstrating the power of repetition and subtlety in creating a striking visual statement.