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Artist: Shikha Ojhha

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Artist Shikha Ojhha
Size 20 Inch X27 Inch
Shipping Type Glass Framed
Created in 2010
Medium Pencil/Pen on Paper

About Artwork

"Smile" is a captivating painting by the talented artist Shikha Ojha. Created using pencil and paper, the painting depicts a tribal woman sitting with a serene smile on her face. Her traditional ornaments add to her beauty and capture the essence of her culture.

The use of pencil in the painting lends it a unique charm and a raw, earthy feel. The artist has skillfully captured the intricacies of the lady's facial features, emphasizing her expressive eyes and the lines that form around her lips as she smiles. The lady's traditional ornaments have been rendered with intricate detail, showcasing the artist's attention to detail.

The painting has a calming effect on the viewer, with the lady's smile exuding a sense of contentment and inner peace. The overall composition is simple yet powerful, with the focus remaining on the lady's expressive face.

Shikha Ojha's "Smile" is a beautiful tribute to the tribal women community and their rich cultural heritage. The painting is a must-see for art enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and the power of a genuine smile.