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Artist: Shikha Ojhha

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Artist Shikha Ojhha
Size 19 Inch X 25 Inch
Shipping Type Glass Framed
Created in 2010
Medium Pencil/Pen on Paper

About Artwork

"Resistance" is a stunning artwork created by the talented artist Shikha Ojha. The artwork is created on canvas using a black pen or pencil on a white background. The artwork depicts a beautiful tribal woman adorned with traditional ornaments.

The artwork is strikingly beautiful with intricate details that draw the viewer's attention. The use of black pen or pencil on a white background creates a stunning contrast that highlights the intricate details of the artwork. The tribal woman is depicted in profile, her face stoic and resolute, suggesting a sense of strength and determination.

The woman's hair is also drawn in intricate detail, with each strand carefully placed to create a sense of movement and life. The shading and texture of the hair are expertly rendered, adding to the overall depth and beauty of the artwork.

The title of the artwork, "Resistance," suggests a theme of strength and resilience. The woman's expression and adornments seem to symbolize a resistance to oppression and a determination to overcome adversity. The artwork serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and beauty of those who have faced and overcome challenges.

Overall, "Resistance" is a stunning artwork that showcases the talent and skill of the artist. The intricate details and contrast between the black pen or pencil and the white background create a visual masterpiece that is both beautiful and meaningful.