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Forest Path

Forest Path
Artist: Sabia Khan

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₹15,000.00 ₹11,900.00
Artist Sabia Khan
Size 14 Inch X 10 Inch
Shipping Type Glass Framed
Medium Acrylic on Canvas

About Artwork

A mysterious path leading a lonely man deep into the dense forest. It seems like nature is whispering its deepest secrets to the attentive soul and encouraging him to embark on life’s new adventure. Breaking ties with the fast-paced city life, the man has come to embrace some peace and tranquility of mesmerizing nature. Each brush stroke is a love letter to the beauty of nature and the enchanting power it entails. The painting is also a reflection of hope and will. The man is embarking into the forest with a hope to find some answers and a will to free his mind of vicious thoughts.