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Untitled 5

Untitled 5
Artist: Sabia Khan

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₹35,000.00 ₹28,900.00
Artist Sabia Khan
Size 24 Inch X 24 Inch
Shipping Type Not Framed
Medium Acrylic on Canvas

About Artwork

Fluid abstract painting by Sabia Khan invites the beholder for deep introspection and lets his imagination run wild in a world of his own. The dancing strokes on canvas reflect life's changing rhythm. While there are independent strokes of red, yellow and blue, black as the base color seems to depict the unifying force. A poetry of passion, happiness and abundance. With endless possibilities of interpretation, the painting also conveys a sense of chaos and denotes instability.

Though no one can fathom what was on the mind and heart of the painter, you can discover more about your inner being on the basis of how you perceive this phenomenal artwork.