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Untitled b

Untitled b
Artist: Kishor Ingale

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₹89,500.00 ₹75,000.00
Artist Kishor Ingale
Size 24 Inch X 22 Inch
Shipping Type Framed
Medium Acrylic on Canvas

About Artwork

Kishore Ingale's acrylic artwork, which portrays a unique blend of a house and a solitary figure, brilliantly turns abstraction into an artistic symphony. An intriguing story is revealed in this abstract masterpiece by the artist's brilliant colour scheme and deft brushwork, which entices onlookers to delve into it. This artwork is the perfect addition to enhance the aesthetics of your house or place of business owing to its dynamic energy and flowing composition, which also serve as an interesting conversation starter. The essence of Ingale's creation can be interpreted uniquely by every viewer whilst it transcends traditional imaginative bounds. With this striking piece of art, you can complement the scenery and add a sophisticated and valuable touch to your interior decor, all while complementing the space.