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Summer 4

Summer 4
Artist: Ashok Baldodia

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Artist Ashok Baldodia
Size 46 Inch X 30 Inch
Shipping Type Not Framed
Created in 2016
Medium Acrylic on Canvas

About Artwork

"Summer 4" by Ashok Baldodia is a captivating painting that transports viewers to a blissful summer afternoon. Created using vibrant acrylic colors on canvas, the artwork beautifully captures the essence of this season. The focal point of the painting is the yellow sky, radiating warmth and energy as it enlivens the sun.

The artist skillfully conveys the intensity of the summer sun through bold brushstrokes and a rich color palette. The landscape is dominated by lush green fields, where crops sway gently in the breeze, imbuing the scene with a sense of tranquility and abundance. The artist's attention to detail brings the fields to life, with each blade of grass and leaf carefully rendered. The painting exudes a serene atmosphere, inviting viewers to bask in the beauty and serenity of a perfect summer day.

"Summer 4" captures the joy and rejuvenation that summer brings, reminding us of the simple pleasures found in nature's embrace.