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Artist: Jyoti Sateeja

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Artist Jyoti Sateeja
Size 40" X 40"
Created in 2016
Medium Acrylic on Canvas

About Artwork

"Reflection" by Jyoti Satija is a stunning acrylic on canvas painting that captures the beauty of nature. The painting depicts a tranquil river flowing without movement, creating a perfect mirror image of the dark orange shade trees that stand on both sides of the riverbank. The trees are depicted with vivid colors, giving the painting a warm and inviting feel. The water reflects the trees with stunning clarity, creating an almost perfect symmetry in the painting. The stillness of the river enhances the serenity of the scene and the deep oranges of the trees contrast beautifully with the cool blue of the water. The artist has used brushstrokes in a skilful manner to give the painting a textured and dimensional quality. This painting is a magnificent representation of the beauty of nature and is sure to be appreciated by anyone who loves the great outdoors.