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Noida, 20 February: The Art Life Gallery has today unrolled an exclusive group art show  “Vasantotsav” by six talented artists, Neelam Sachan, Shweta Nim, Debjani Dakshit, Sabia Khan, Dr. Chitra Singh and Vivek Singh. The show will be on for nine days from February 21 to March 02, 2021 and can be witnessed at theartlifegallery.com

The show is based on the theme of spring season when the earth gets out of the shadows of winter and the plants and animals are all joyous with a new lease of life. There are 28 paintings on display. 

Here the artists have explored the elements of art and nature in the subconscious to the extent where painting in specific has become a reflection of the new season  says Pratibha Agarwal, the co-founder and director of the gallery, who has also curated the show. 

At the tips of the artists’ brush the colours absorb the real and the intangible collapse in the form of masterpieces that tantalize your eyes and stroke your intelligence, adds Agarwal.

Debjani Dakshit whose works has been featured in several exhibitions and is well appreciated has created some scintillating works on flowers. “For me, art is Nature and I find solace in the fact that when I am painting nature, I feel I am one with God.”

“I have been painting for some time now and I think in the process of learning art, I have also learnt to control the negativity within,” says artist Shweta Nim, who also teaches in a Govt. school.  For Shweta, expression of delight and positivity in her painting all keep her energy intact.  

Dr Chitra Singh, another artist has painted the canvas with colours that depict her joys in the season of spring or “Vasant”. The stories she conveys through her brush on the canvas may seem just another pleasant burst of colours and forms to an uninitiated viewer but behind the colours are stories untold.  “The colours in each of my paintings tell a whole new aspect of an entirely different and unique season,” explains Chitra. The diminutive details that she uses to portray emotions, manoeuvres and subtlety, morph her artwork into a serenic beauty.  

Vivek and Sabia Khan both of whom have painted abstracts in vibrant colours of spring are happy to observe that the touch of colours while painting gives them a sense of serenity and joy that no other activity does. Sabia is a senior artist who has her works displayed in private collections in US, UK and Hong Kong. And Vivek has been receiving appreciation both in the US and India for his works.

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