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Noida, January2: The Art Life Gallery has today unrolled an exclusive group art show “Dreams in Daylight,” by three artists Arun Prabha, Nandini Srivastava and Rajshri Ranjeeta. The show, inaugurated by Vinay Vikram Singh, Founder, Chief Creative Officer, twinbrains  is showing online and offline as well. Art lovers can see the online show on theartlifegallery.com but if someone wants to view the paintings in gallery, they can visit the gallery by prior appointment only due to prevailing corona restrictions. The gallery timings are from 10am-6pm for viewing the show of 25 paintings.

Even as the show is based on the sequence of life and dreams, not many have explored the elements of life in dreams and vice versa in one canvas. According to Pratibha Agarwal, founder and director of Art Life Gallery, “Most of us see dreams in our lives but to connect the two on canvas and build an engaging  story around it is a difficult task. Any artist who is capable of doing this has to be deeply spiritual. The difference between the real and the dream collapse on the canvas and in the artists’ mind.” Pratibha Agarwal goes on to add that while most artists live in a dreamy world, the lockdown due to corona has made most of them dream in the day as well. With no where to go, most of the creative people have built a dreamy kingdom for themselves.

Arun Prabha, a senior artist with decades of painting experience is also deeply religious. Having recovered from an accident recently, she has an inner vision when she is executing her paintings. The portrayal of women in her art works is unique in the sense that every woman in her painting is a source of strength, life or simply a deity like Kali, everything that a common woman is or dreams to be. According to Arun Prabha, “A woman is viewed to be physically fragile but every woman is a source of strength in her own right. My painting of the woman with a bundle of straw on her head shows the hard work and strength of the woman in real life.” 

Rajshri Ranjeeta is a young artist from Noida who has really intertwined dreams in real life. The dream-like holi scene done in acrylic colours on canvas seems to mix the real life colours with the dreams. The boulevard with red maple trees on either side is another dream sequence. The stories she conveys through her brush on the canvas may seem just another pleasant burst of colours and forms to an uninitiated viewer but behind the colours are stories untold. “For me the realm of reality and dreams blur and merge on the canvas. I live in the dream world of my canvas and colours,” adds Ranjita

“The portrayal of women in each of my paintings tells a whole new aspect of an entirely different and unique dimension,” explains Nandini Srivastava. The diminutive details that she uses to portray emotions, manoeuvres and subtlety, morph her artwork into a scenic beauty of a world of dreams.

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