Frozen Moments a Proud Moment for Artists with first Woman Air Marshal Padmawathi

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Noida, Jan 25, 2020: Art Life Gallery today held a group art show, Frozen Moments, by seven talented artists, Dr Chitra Singh, Nandini Sharma, Praneet Kanchan, Swati Jain, Shweta Nim, Shikha Ojha, and Vivek Singh. The show will be on for two weeks from January 25 to February 9, 2020. The gallery timings are from 10am-6pm for viewing the exhibition.

The theme of the show is based on the imaginative moments that are captured by the artists. The artists have explored the elements of art and spirituality in the subconscious to the extent where painting in specific has become therapeutic, says Pratibha Agarwal, the co-founder and Director of the gallery, who has also curated the show. At the tips of the artists’ brush the divide between the real and the intangible collapse in the form of masterpieces that tantalize your eyes and stroke your intelligence, adds Agarwal.

Dr Chitra Singh whose works has been featured in several exhibitions and is well appreciated for her vast creative abilities has lucidly put colors to her thoughts. Though her paintings may look vivid with lots of colors added to it but there are numerous tales untold hidden behind. She makes words sing and paintings come to life.

Praneet Kanchan, another artist has painted the rich cultural traditions of India along with the various human emotions.” I draw my inspiration from the splendid cultures and traditions of India and the historical monuments which show us the glimpses of the past,” explains Praneet. Through his paintings, he has built a loyal following and is effectively promoting his works online.

Nandini Sharma, who considers art to be the joyful element of her life, believes that the creative spurts of colors in her paintings add lustre to her life. She is a full-time painter who gave up teaching in quest of learning the process of art and pursuing it whole- heartedly. “For me, art is God and I find solace in the fact that when I am painting a deity or nature, I feel I am one with God. I was earlier training students in make-up art for some time but then the peace and meditation that trickles from art helps me control the negativity within,” says artist Nandini Sharma.  For Nandini, expression of delight and positivity all keep her imagination in tact.

Shweta Nim is looking to art as a challenging role that world put to best use her competencies, capabilities, skills and education to enrich the value zone. In practicing art, she is looking for an opportunity where her knowledge and skills can be best utilized for the benefit of the society and generations to come.

Shikha Ojha, another artist has successfully held her solo shows in Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow, SLKA, Lucknow and AIFACS, New Delhi.  She has created a series in charcoal on paper and the works are mostly figures of women reflecting the form of “Shakti”.  There are works with women having strong manly feet showing that it is the rooted women who are strong and have the power of the Supreme, she has painted. “For me, art is not just a passion, but my life. I find solace in painting and the serenic beauty of the artworks is what keeps me attracting towards art,” says Shikha.

Swati Jain has been practicing art for last five years and draws inspiration from the harmony and peace that she observes in the nature around her. She portrays her imagination with acrylic colors on her canvas.

Vivek Singh who has painted abstracts in vibrant colors is happy to observe that the touch of colours while painting gives him a sense of serenity that no other activity does. His artworks are a conversation with the nature and the joy, beauty and peace is expressed through his paintings. The diminutive details that  Vivek Singh uses to portray nature in abstract forms, the manoeuvres and subtlety, morph his artwork into a serenic beauty.  

Art Life Gallery Today held a Group Art Show, Frozen Moments, by Seven Talented Artists

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