Sunshine and Hope – Virtual Art Exhibition to Enjoy From the Comfort of Your Home

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The Art Life Gallery has today unrolled an exclusive group art show, Sunshine and Hope, by six talented artists namely, Sarojini Dutta, Vinita Kapoor, Vivek Singh, Praneet Kanchan, Dr. Chitra Singh and Shweta Nim. The show will be on for two weeks from 18th September to 3rd October 2020.

Even as the show is based on spirituality in art to help the mind calm down, not many have explored the elements of art and spirituality in the subconscious to the extent where painting in specific has become therapeutic, says Pratibha Agarwal, the co-founder and director of the gallery, who has also curated the show. At the tips of the artists’ brush the divide between the real and the intangible collapse in the form of masterpieces that tantalize your eyes and stroke your intelligence, adds Agarwal. In these trying times of pandemic, it is essential that we keep the connect with hope by practising mental peace and spirituality.

Sarojini Dutta

I love to work with different media including watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastels, pen, and ink as I love different experiences each of them brings. For me art is Meditation, it is positivity. Painting is my space where I forget time and am removed from the problems of life, and return to reality feeling elated and lighthearted. My favorite painters are the Realists and Impressionists such as Rembrandt and Monet respectively. My work tends to lean more towards realism.

Vinita Kapoor

I am a Radiologist by profession which I enjoy as a full time occupation
A self taught artist , I do oil on canvas. Nature inspires and relaxes me. The work is impressionist. I love colour and layering. It is what I do when I destress.

Vivek Singh

Vivek Singh of whom have painted abstracts in vibrant colours are happy to observe that the touch of colours while painting gives them a sense of serenity that no other activity does.

Praneet Kanchan

Drawing inspiration from the rich national and regional cultural traditions, Praneet’s work effortlessly weaves historical monuments and religious mythology settings with human emotions. His work also shows deep understanding of everyday life connecting with people and places spanning space and time. Being self taught and not bound by formal learning seems to have strengthened his streak of experimentation with medium and materials.

Dr. Chitra Singh

Dr.Chitra Singh an associate professor in University of Delhi, is a poet,writer , artist and film maker..A multi faced
Good human being with highest value of social well being .Her brush and pen speaks about colour of life.

Shweta Nim

Shweta Nim is looking to art a challenging role that world put to best use her competencies, capabilities, skills and education to enrich the value zone. In practicing art, she is looking for an opportunity where her knowledge and skills can be best utilized for the benefit of the society and generations to come.

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