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Winter Branches

Winter Branches
Artist: Babu Kumar

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₹10,000.00 ₹6,299.00
Artist Babu Kumar
Size 30 Inch X 24 Inch
Shipping Type Not Framed
Medium Acrylic on Canvas board

About Artwork

"Winter Branches" by Babu Kumar captures the poignant beauty of nature in transition. Executed with exquisite watercolours on paper, the painting unveils a plant emblematic of life's cyclical rhythms. Stripped of its leaves by the unforgiving cold, the plant stands as a metaphor for the inevitable cycles of growth and decay. Against the backdrop of a serene blue sky, the absence of foliage is rendered more poignant, symbolizing the vulnerability of life amidst the vast expanse of the cosmos.

Beneath the plant, the earth is depicted in a state of desiccation, mirroring the harshness of the season. The dry, cracked soil conveys a sense of arduous struggle for sustenance, a stark contrast to the ethereal beauty above. Bandopadhyay masterfully captures the essence of impermanence, inviting viewers to contemplate the delicate balance between life and its inevitable passage. " Winter Branches " stands as a testament to the artist's skill in conveying profound emotions through the medium of watercolours, offering a contemplative journey through the ever-changing tapestry of existence.