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Water Flow

Water Flow
Artist: Vivek Singh

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₹15,000.00 ₹13,500.00
Artist Vivek Singh
Size 14 Inch X 18 Inch
Shipping Type Glass Framed
Created in 2014
Medium Acrylic on canvas sheet

About Artwork

Water Flow is a stunning abstract painting created by the talented artist Vivek Singh. The painting is made using acrylic colors on canvas, and it is a beautiful representation of the flow of water. The painting is a perfect example of how art can capture the essence of nature in its purest form.

In Water Flow, Vivek Singh has used sea green, sea blue, and white brush strokes to create a mesmerizing effect. The colors are blended seamlessly, creating a smooth and flowing appearance. The use of sea green and blue colors portrays the vastness of the ocean, while the white strokes represent the movement and flow of water.

The painting is a perfect representation of the beauty and power of water. The use of color and brush strokes gives a sense of movement and flow, which is a characteristic of water. The painting also creates a calming effect on the viewer, transporting them to a serene and peaceful place.

Overall, Water Flow is a beautiful and captivating painting that showcases the artist's skill and creativity. It is a perfect example of how art can capture the beauty of nature in its purest form, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who views it.