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Waiting to turn Around

Waiting to turn Around
Artist: Chikmath FV

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₹95,000.00 ₹84,999.00
Artist Chikmath FV
Size 36 Inch X 36 Inch
Shipping Type Not Framed
Created in 2011
Medium Acrylic on Canvas

About Artwork

Waiting to turn around is a painting by Chikmath FV who has used a brilliant combination of black and gold to come up with a piece of artwork that says a lot more than just giving grace to your room. This painting depicts two faces turned in opposite directions while their bodies are turned towards each other, this can mean so many things depending on the mindset of the onlooker.

This glamorous piece is so detailed that one can observe several different features. Art is as much the labour and love of a viewer as much of an artist. While an artist paints with one perspective, the admirer looks at it with a completely different perspective.