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Violet Dreams

Violet Dreams
Artist: Umesh Prasad

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Artist Umesh Prasad
Size 12 Inch X 12 Inch
Shipping Type Framed
Created in 2012
Medium Acrylic on canvas

About Artwork

Violet Dream is an acrylic painting on canvas created by artist Umesh Prasad. The painting features a crossroad on a vibrant violet background, with a central square painted in a striking golden color. In the middle of this square, the artist has added a small orange circle, which stands out prominently against the surrounding colors.

The crossroad depicted in the painting represents the intersection of paths in life, where one must make choices and decisions that will determine their journey ahead. The violet background creates a dreamy, almost otherworldly ambiance, adding to the mystical and contemplative theme of the artwork.

The golden square at the centre of the crossroad symbolizes a focal point, a guiding light that one may use to navigate through life's choices. The small orange circle within the square could represent a goal, aspiration, or destination to aim for. The use of contrasting colors - violet, gold, and orange - creates a dynamic and vibrant composition that draws the viewer's attention and adds to the overall dream-like quality of the painting.

Overall, Violet Dream is a beautiful and thought-provoking artwork that encourages contemplation and reflection on the choices and decisions that shape our lives.