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Tiger eye

Tiger eye
Artist: Neelam sachan

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Artist Neelam sachan
Size 20.5 Inch X 22.5 Inch
Shipping Type Framed
Medium Acrylic on Canvas

About Artwork

"Tiger Eye" by Neelam Sachan captivates with its mesmerizing portrayal of a black and white tiger's side profile. Executed with skilful strokes using acrylic colours on canvas, the painting unveils a profound gaze that transcends the canvas. Neelam ingeniously renders the majestic creature, focusing on a singular facet of its face. The centrepiece of the composition lies in the tiger's eyes, adorned with hues reminiscent of the vast ocean—striking shades of blue and green. These eyes, akin to precious gemstones, draw the viewer into the enigmatic depths of the wild. The juxtaposition of the tiger's monochromatic fur and the vibrant, alluring eyes adds a dynamic contrast, creating a visual symphony that evokes both mystery and reverence. "Tiger Eye" not only captures the essence of wildlife but also beckons observers to contemplate the untamed beauty encapsulated within the feline's penetrating gaze.