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Artist: Neelam sachan

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₹28,000.00 ₹23,900.00
Artist Neelam sachan
Size 24 Inch X 24 Inch
Shipping Type Framed
Medium Acrylic on Canvas

About Artwork

"Target," a captivating acrylic masterpiece by Neelam Sachan, unfolds on canvas with a symphony of vibrant hues. The artist skilfully crafts a mesmerizing circular composition, where an array of beautiful colours dances harmoniously. At the heart of this kaleidoscopic spectacle, a singular green dot stands out, meticulously placed to signify the focal point – the target.

Sachan's deft brushstrokes create a dynamic interplay of colours, forming an intricate pattern that draws the viewer's gaze towards the central green dot. The circular shape symbolizes unity and balance, while the vivid palette evokes a sense of energy and vitality. The deliberate placement of the green dot injects a profound meaning into the artwork, inviting contemplation on goals, aspirations, and purpose.

"Target" not only showcases Sachan's technical prowess but also serves as a visual metaphor, encouraging viewers to reflect on their own targets in life. The painting resonates with a sense of optimism, inviting observers to embark on a journey towards their own metaphorical green dot – their personal aspirations and ambitions.