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Artist: Umesh Prasad

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Artist Umesh Prasad
Size 12 Inch X 12 Inch
Shipping Type Framed
Medium Acrylic on canvas

About Artwork

"Surroundings" is an acrylic on canvas painting by the talented artist Umesh Prasad. The painting features a striking red background, which immediately captures the viewer's attention. The background is deep and rich, with a sense of darkness that creates an eerie and mysterious atmosphere.

In the centre of the painting, Umesh has created a stunning golden leaf work. This intricate detail contrasts with the boldness of the background, drawing the viewer's eye to the center of the painting. The gold leaf work is complex and layered, with a sense of depth and texture that adds to the overall complexity of the painting.

At the heart of the painting lies a dark red crossroad, which is the main focal point of the artwork. The crossroad is depicted in a deep shade of red, which stands out against the surrounding background. The use of color in this piece is exceptional, with the rich reds and golds working together to create a sense of tension and drama.

Overall, "Surrounding" is a powerful and striking painting that showcases Umesh Prasad's impressive skills as an artist. The intricate details and bold use of color create a sense of depth and complexity that draws the viewer in, while the dark and mysterious atmosphere adds a sense of drama and intrigue.