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Silver Elephant

Silver Elephant
Artist: Neelam sachan

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₹32,000.00 ₹28,000.00
Artist Neelam sachan
Size 23 Inch X 27.5 Inch
Shipping Type Framed
Medium Acrylic & Silver foil on Canvas

About Artwork

Silver Elephant is a captivating painting created by the talented artist Neelam Sachan. The painting features a beautifully curved, majestic silver elephant set against a dramatic black background. The use of silver in the painting gives it a sense of grandeur and majesty.

The elephant in the painting appears to be in motion, with its trunk raised high and its ears flapping as if it's ready to take off on a grand adventure. The curved lines of the elephant's body create a sense of movement and fluidity, adding to the painting's dynamic energy.

The contrast between the silver elephant and the black background is striking, highlighting the beauty of the animal's form and creating a sense of drama and depth. The silver paint used in the painting is lustrous and reflective, giving the elephant a sense of vitality and strength.

Overall, Silver Elephant is a stunning work of art that captures the essence of one of the world's most beloved and majestic animals. Neelam Sachan's skillful use of color, form, and texture makes this painting a true masterpiece, one that will be cherished by art lovers for years to come.