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Silk Satire

Silk Satire
Artist: Vivek Singh

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₹10,000.00 ₹8,900.00
Artist Vivek Singh
Size 12 Inch X12 Inch
Created in 2015
Medium Acrylic on Canvas sheet

About Artwork

Silk Satire, a stunning abstract painting created by the talented artist Vivek Singh, showcases his unique vision and use of color. The canvas comes to life with a beautiful blend of acrylic colors that creates an ethereal atmosphere. The artist has skillfully manipulated the colors to give the impression of a silk sheet draped over the sky, with the texture of the canvas itself adding to the effect.

The upper half of the painting features a blend of white, orange, and red colors, which when combined, create a soft and delicate effect. The colors seem to blend seamlessly into each other, giving a sense of fluidity and movement to the painting. This part of the painting has a light, airy feeling, almost like a silk scarf blowing in the wind.

In contrast, the lower half of the painting is a mix of blues and greens, creating a more earthy and grounded feeling. The brushstrokes are bold and expressive, creating a sense of movement and energy that contrasts with the calmness of the upper half. The colors used in the lower half seem to be a counterbalance to the softness of the upper half, adding depth and complexity to the painting.

Overall, Silk Satire is a stunning example of abstract art that showcases the artist's use of color and his ability to evoke emotions through his work. It is a testament to the power of art to transport the viewer to another world and evoke feelings and emotions that words cannot express.