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Show Detail


Event start Date : 27 March, 2017 | Event End Date : 9 April, 2017

The Art Life Gallery opened a unique art exhibition "Ïnner Dimensions,” inaugurated by Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Union Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Welfare. It showcased 90 works by a specially-abled artist Amrit Khurana. The show continued for two weeks from March 27, 2017 to April 9, 2017.

Amrit Khurana is a resident of Noida but this is the first time that the artist is displaying so many works locally. The 24-year-old autistic artist's imagination is based on what she views on the TV or in books at home or at times when she is out with her family. "She is a good observer and has the ability to capture the myriad expressions of the world and the society around her," says her mother Aarti Khurana. Amrit is a young artist on the autism spectrum. Rather than become a debilitating factor, autism has provided her with a unique insight into the world around her. Her art is mostly figurative and draws inspiration from the day-to- day real life people and scenarios.

“The varying colours and different forms that are depicted show Amrit’s mental tenacity. Usually individuals on the autism spectrum often become fixated on their favourite things. But the variety of subjects that Amrit tackles through her art, all underline the fact that the artist is mentally as smart as one can get,” said Pratibha Agarwal, co-promoter and director of The Art Life Gallery.

One cannot help but admire the energy and joie de vivre. When one sees this talented soul, one is bound to say play the cards you are dealt. The artist is shy but brimming with creativity and is truly an inspiration to everybody who broods about what they do not have in life.

Amrit also expresses herself in the form of ceramic work. Her distinct style can be found in pieces of pottery. Her work can be found in many private collections and has received much acclaim and praise for their strength of expression and the use of warm colour tones. She has had three solo shows so far and has participated in six group shows, one being overseas.

“People should see her art because her art is incomparable; it is a window to her life. From mundane to magnificent is how I would describe her life and her art works” stressed Agarwal who also curated this show.

Inner Dimensions is an amalgamation of Amrit’s passion for sketches, paintings and ceramics. She has moved on to a conceptual rendition of her imagination and her thoughts. If one looks carefully, we can see a replica of the characters in her paintings on the ceramic tiles and vases. What makes the show unique is the innocence of her soul transferred on to canvas of life. One only needs to step into her world to see the difference.

Amrit’s latest works are a testimony to the fact 'The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the hearts'. She draws inspiration from the myriad people and situations around her. She uses the bliss in either abstract or human forms. Her art is a beautiful harmony of colours, rhythm of lines and forms. Her sense of composition and colours in the paintings touch the soul. The sketches and mixing of colours in a powerful way creates lasting impact in her paintings.