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₹15,000.00 ₹12,900.00
Artist Rajat Subhra Bandopadhyay
Size 7 Inch X 8.5 Inch
Shipping Type Glass Framed
Created in 2014
Medium Water Colour on Paper

About Artwork

In the evocative masterpiece "Shipwreck" by Rajat Subhra Bandopadhyay, acrylic on canvas sheet becomes a portal to a turbulent maritime narrative. The artist skilfully captures the essence of chaos as a ship languishes on the shore, battered by the relentless onslaught of the sea. The vessel, trapped in an expressive dance of despair, is depicted in a state of palpable disarray. Rajat's meticulous detailing extends to the unconventional method of securing the ship – a poignant portrayal of struggle and captivity. Ingeniously, the ship is tethered by holes meticulously dug on all four sides, metaphorically anchoring it to its plight. The choppy waters surrounding the ship mirror the tumultuous emotions conveyed by the artwork. "Shipwreck" not only invites contemplation on the fragility of human endeavours but also showcases Rajat Subhra Bandopadhyay's mastery in breathing life into the canvas, leaving viewers captivated by the poetic turbulence within.