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Row of Trees

Row of Trees
Artist: Vivek Singh

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₹13,000.00 ₹11,500.00
Artist Vivek Singh
Size 14 Inch X 20 Inch
Shipping Type Glass Framed
Created in 2011
Medium Acrylic on Canvas

About Artwork

"Row of Trees" is a mesmerizing painting created by the skilled artist Vivek Singh using acrylic on canvas. The painting captures the essence of a serene and peaceful landscape where the viewer is taken on a journey through a muddy road flanked by rows of trees on both sides.

As you gaze at the painting, the intricate details of the trees and the surrounding forest capture your attention. The artist has used an array of colors to showcase the different shades of green, brown, and blue, which blend together harmoniously to create a natural and earthy atmosphere.

The painting showcases the sheer beauty and majesty of nature, with the trees standing tall and proud against the bright blue sky. The dense forest on either side of the road creates a feeling of solitude and peacefulness, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the tranquil surroundings.

Overall, "Row of Trees" is a beautiful painting that transports the viewer to a serene and calming environment, reminding us of the incredible power and beauty of nature. Vivek Singh's skill full use of color and detail in capturing this natural wonder is a testament to his artistic talent and vision.