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Restatement 2

Restatement 2
Artist: Swatantra Singh

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₹450,000.00 ₹350,000.00
Artist Swatantra Singh
Size 61 Inch X 48.5 Inch
Shipping Type Framed
Medium Mix Media

About Artwork

Restatement 2, a captivating artwork created by Swatantrata Singh, is a mix media masterpiece that depicts multiple head figures embedded within a collection of wooden blocks. The painting is an exceptional blend of creativity, vision, and skill that showcases the artist's mastery of the mix media genre.

The wooden blocks in the painting add a three-dimensional aspect to the artwork, providing depth and texture. Each block appears to be carved and meticulously painted to perfection. The heads figure is placed in such a way that they seem to merge seamlessly with the wooden blocks, creating a unified piece that is both intriguing and captivating.

The artist's use of color is another noteworthy feature of the painting. The color scheme is a mix of warm and cool tones that create a harmonious balance, giving the artwork a vibrant and lively feel. The use of mixed media adds a unique dimension to the artwork, creating an organic and textured feel that draws the viewer's attention.

Restatement 2 is a perfect blend of artistic expression and technical expertise, showcasing the artist's ingenuity and creativity. It is a thought-provoking artwork that challenges the viewer's perceptions and encourages them to think deeply about the meaning and message behind it. The painting is a true testament to the artist's talent, skill, and vision.