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Red Horizon

Red Horizon
Artist: Vivek Singh

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₹12,000.00 ₹10,500.00
Artist Vivek Singh
Size 19.5 Inch X 8 Inch
Created in 2011
Medium Acrylic on Canvas sheet

About Artwork

Red Horizon is an exquisite painting created by the talented artist Vivek Singh using acrylic on canvas. The painting depicts the fusion of the sky and the earth, portraying a beautiful and peaceful scene where the sun is setting, and the sky has turned into a striking shade of red. The artist has expertly used various shades of orange and red to create a mesmerizing and realistic sunset effect, making the painting come alive with warmth and radiance.

The ground is covered with an array of colorful flowering plants that add depth and contrast to the painting, making it even more vibrant and lively. The artist has captured the essence of nature in this painting, and the sight of the sunset and the flowers is awe-inspiring, calming, and soothing to the eyes.

The painting gives the impression that the sun is helping to connect the sky and the earth, making them one. It symbolizes the beauty and harmony of nature and portrays a message of peace, love, and unity. This masterpiece is a true work of art, capturing the beauty of nature and expressing it in an extraordinary way. Anyone who looks at this painting will feel a sense of calmness and serenity, and it is sure to take the viewer on a journey of peace and calm.