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Artist: Varnika Singh

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₹37,000.00 ₹25,000.00
Artist Varnika Singh
Size 20 Inch X 14 Inch
Shipping Type Framed
Medium Acrylic & pencil Colours on Canvas

About Artwork

"Queen" is a striking figurative painting created by the talented artist Varnika Singh. The painting is executed on canvas with a combination of acrylic and pencil colors. At first glance, the artwork captures the viewer's attention with the central figure of a foreign queen, resplendent in her grandeur.

The queen is depicted wearing a regal red-colored feathered crown, which adds to her majestic aura. The color of her face is white, which stands out in contrast to her colorful attire. Her facial expression is calm and composed, suggesting a sense of strength and determination.

The artist has paid meticulous attention to the queen's attire, which is adorned with intricate details and patterns. The use of acrylic colors enhances the vibrancy of the painting, while the pencil strokes add depth and texture to the artwork.

Overall, "Queen" is a beautiful representation of feminine strength and grandeur. The painting is a testament to the artist's skills and creativity, as she brings to life a regal figure that captivates the viewer's imagination.