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Pale Sky

Pale Sky
Artist: Vivek Singh


Artist Vivek Singh
Size 16 Inch X 11.8 Inch
Shipping Type Glass Framed
Created in 2007
Medium Acrylic on Canvas sheet

About Artwork

Pale Sky is an exquisite piece of abstract art, crafted by the talented artist Vivek Singh. Using acrylic on canvas, Singh has created a stunning depiction of a pale and moody sky, which seems to be on the brink of a heavy rain shower. Beneath the sky, the painting reveals a vivid and lively world of colourful flowers, with a river running through it.

The use of color in Pale Sky is masterful. The pale blue sky is contrasted beautifully with the bright and vivid colors of the flowers and the river, creating a stunning visual effect. The flowers are painted with such precision and detail that one can almost smell their sweet fragrance, and the river looks so inviting that one can almost hear the sound of water flowing.

What sets Pale Sky apart from other abstract art is its ability to transport the viewer into a world of imagination and beauty. Singh's use of abstract shapes and colors is masterful, evoking emotions of peace, joy, and tranquillity. In Pale Sky, the viewer is able to escape into a world of colors, shapes, and textures, making it a truly unforgettable piece of art.