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Mountain Shadows

Mountain Shadows
Artist: Vivek Singh

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Artist Vivek Singh
Size 19.5 Inch X 10 Inch
Created in 2015
Medium Pencil on Paper

About Artwork

Vivek Singh's "Mountain Shadows" is a stunning pencil drawing that captures the essence of a rugged and barren mountain landscape. The composition is simple yet effective, with the jagged peaks dominating the foreground and casting long shadows across the valley below. The soft, delicate strokes of the pencil add a sense of texture and depth to the mountains, emphasizing their rough and weathered nature.

Despite the apparent desolation of the landscape, there is a sense of quiet beauty and tranquility in this drawing. The sparse trees and shrubs that dot the mountainsides are elegantly rendered, their branches stretching outwards towards the sky. The clouds that hover above the peaks seem to be caught in a moment of stillness, as if time has stood still in this wild and remote place.

Overall, "Mountain Shadows" is a striking example of Vivek Singh's artistic talent, and a testament to the enduring allure of the natural world.