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Madhubani 6

Madhubani 6
Artist: Madan Kr. Jha

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Artist Madan Kr. Jha
Size 7 Inch X 22 Inch
Shipping Type Glass Framed

About Artwork

Madhubani 6 is a stunning painting on handmade paper that showcases the famous Madhubani style of art. The painting depicts the divine love story of Radha and Krishna, two central figures in Hindu mythology, and is painted with organic colors, giving it a vibrant and lively appearance.

The painting is a mesmerizing blend of intricate patterns and bold colors, which are the hallmarks of Madhubani art. The use of organic colors adds to the painting's charm and gives it a unique texture that is hard to replicate with synthetic pigments.

In the painting, Radha and Krishna are depicted in an embrace, surrounded by floral motifs and peacocks. The details in their clothing, jewelry, and expressions are carefully crafted and showcase the skill of the artist.

The painting's handmade paper background gives it a rustic and earthy feel, adding to its overall appeal. The use of the Madhubani style in this painting is a testament to the richness of Indian art and the skill and creativity of its artists.

Overall, Madhubani 6 is a beautiful painting that is sure to captivate anyone who appreciates art and its beauty. Its intricate patterns, bold colors, and organic pigments make it a unique piece that is a testament to the artist's talent and the rich cultural heritage of India.