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Artist: Yashpal Verma

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₹150,000.00 ₹125,000.00
Artist Yashpal Verma
Size 35 Inch X 35 Inch
Medium Acrylic on Canvas

About Artwork

A wondrous painting by Yashpal Verma named Insignia which means A Distinguishing Badge or Emblem of Military Rank, Office, or Membership of an Organization. This painting is made with resemblance to a badge, but for people it might carry different meanings. For example, a person can think of it as a stump left after a tree was chopped down, or maybe some modified biological cell. Which perspective one chooses depends on their artistic sense and mood, especially that of a right-brained living being.

Yashpal Verma has used some great amalgamation of colours to come up with a painting like this. Suitable for galleries, corridors or even bedrooms, this is a piece not to be missed by the discerning collector.