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Artist: Vivek Singh

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₹18,000.00 ₹15,000.00
Artist Vivek Singh
Size 17.5 Inch X24 Inch
Shipping Type Glass Framed and In Collection
Created in 2019
Medium Acrylic on Canvas sheet

About Artwork

Hill Scape is a mesmerizing abstract landscape painting that showcases the creative genius of the artist, Vivek Singh. The artwork features a hilly shape, made up of bold brushstrokes of green color that have been painted on an orange background, creating a striking contrast that immediately catches the eye.

The green brushstrokes, carefully crafted by the artist, create the illusion of hills, with their curvy shapes and the variations in shades that give depth and texture to the painting. The use of green color evokes the lushness of nature and the feeling of calmness and serenity that is often associated with landscapes.

The orange background provides a perfect backdrop for the green hills, giving a warm and vibrant feel to the painting. The contrast between the orange and green colors creates a sense of harmony and balance, making the artwork both soothing and uplifting to the senses.

Overall, Hill Scape is a remarkable abstract landscape painting that speaks volumes about the artist's talent and creativity. The artwork is a true masterpiece that can transport the viewer to a serene and peaceful place, where nature's beauty reigns supreme.