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Foot Prints

Foot Prints
Artist: Sanjay Jathar

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₹55,000.00 ₹48,000.00
Artist Sanjay Jathar
Size 24 Inch X 24 Inch
Shipping Type Framed
Created in 2014
Medium Acrylic on Canvas

About Artwork

"Foot Print" by Sanjay Jathar is a magnificent fusion of abstract and modern art styles, showcasing the artist's exceptional skill in blending various elements to create a harmonious and engaging piece. The painting depicts a bold and powerful footprint, symbolizing the human impact on the world and the mark we leave behind.

The use of acrylic on canvas allows Jathar to play with texture and depth, giving the footprint a three-dimensional quality that pops off the canvas. The vibrant and contrasting colors used in the painting are reminiscent of modern art, while the abstract elements, such as the fluid and organic shapes, are a nod to the abstract art movement.

This painting is sure to make a statement in any room and would be an excellent addition to any art collector's collection. It is a powerful piece that invites the viewer to reflect on their own impact on the world and the mark they are leaving behind. Overall, "Foot Print" is a stunning work of art that showcases Jathar's mastery of blending abstract and modern art styles.