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Flowery Land

Flowery Land
Artist: Vivek Singh

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Artist Vivek Singh
Size 14 Inch X 11 Inch
Shipping Type Not Framed
Created in 2019
Medium Acrylic on Canvas Sheet

About Artwork

Flowery Land is an abstract painting created by the talented artist Vivek Singh. The painting is a beautiful representation of a hill covered with a plethora of colorful flowers and a serene blue sky with white shading. The use of acrylic on canvas has brought out the essence of the painting, and the colors are vibrant and eye-catching.

The painting is a perfect example of the beauty of nature, and the intricate detailing is mesmerizing. The hill is portrayed with a variety of flowers, each of different shapes and colors, which creates a sense of depth and texture. The blue sky with white shading provides a soothing effect, and it seems like the viewer is gazing at the painting from a hilltop.

Vivek Singh has successfully captured the essence of nature in this abstract artwork. The painting is a perfect blend of colors and forms, and the artist has managed to create a masterpiece that exudes positivity and beauty. The Flowery Land is a painting that will surely capture the imagination of the viewer and transport them to a world of peace and tranquillity.