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Artist: Vivek Singh

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Artist Vivek Singh
Size 21.5 Inch X 14.5 Inch
Created in 2014
Medium Acrylic on Canvas sheet

About Artwork

"Flames" by artist Vivek Singh is a captivating acrylic masterpiece on canvas that skilfully captures the essence of fire within the enigmatic realm of darkness. The artist's ingenuity shines through the abstract portrayal, as vibrant colours dance and intertwine to bring the flames to life. Vivek Singh's adept use of acrylics creates a striking contrast, with the intense hues vividly illuminating the canvas against the backdrop of the night. The painting evokes a sense of energy and warmth, showcasing the artist's ability to convey the intensity of fire with an artistic flair. The abstract interpretation adds depth to the composition, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the play of colours and textures. "Flames" stands as a testament to Vivek Singh's creative prowess, leaving an indelible impression through its dynamic representation of fire in the midst of darkness.