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Elephant Series 9

Elephant Series 9
Artist: Babu Xavier


Artist Babu Xavier
Size 11 Inch X11 Inch
Shipping Type Glass Framed
Medium Acrylic on Canvas Sheet

About Artwork

"Babu Xavier's captivating artwork, "Elephant Series 9," is a stunning masterpiece that unfolds a heartwarming scene on canvas. With the skilled use of acrylic colours, Babu Xavier brings this enchanting moment to life.

The background, painted in a soft and tender pink hue, sets the stage for the main characters, a mother and her baby elephant. The moss green represents the lush environment surrounding them, creating a sense of the wild yet serene backdrop.

The striking element of the painting is the baby elephant, rendered in a vibrant turquoise. It stands out as a symbol of youth, innocence, and curiosity. The mother elephant, in her majestic presence, teaches her offspring important lessons, gently guiding and nurturing it through the ups and downs of life.

This heartening portrayal reminds us of the nurturing and loving relationships that exist in the animal kingdom, echoing the bonds we share with our own loved ones. "Elephant Series 9" beautifully captures the universal theme of maternal love and guidance, making it a testament to the timeless and unbreakable bonds between parents and children."