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Elephant Series 8

Elephant Series 8
Artist: Babu Xavier

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Artist Babu Xavier
Size 11 Inch X11 Inch
Shipping Type Glass Framed
Medium Acrylic on Canvas Sheet

About Artwork

In "Elephant Series 08" by Babu Xavier, the canvas comes alive with the striking contrast of Dark Sky Blue as the backdrop, creating a serene and ethereal atmosphere. The centrepiece of the artwork features a heartwarming portrayal of a mother elephant and her playful calf. Babu Xavier's choice of acrylic colours, with a rich turquoise hue for the baby elephant and deep Maroon for the mother, amplifies the emotional connection between the two subjects.

The painting exquisitely captures the essence of maternal love and devotion. The mother elephant gazes affectionately at her frolicking calf, her eyes revealing a profound sense of contentment. The intricacies of the bond between mother and child are beautifully depicted through the gentle curves and graceful lines that define their figures.

Through Xavier's skilful brushwork and vibrant colour palette, the viewer is transported into a world of tenderness and joy. "Elephant Series 08" is a testament to the enduring and unconditional love that exists between a mother and her offspring, a universal sentiment that transcends species and touches the human heart. This masterpiece stands as a powerful ode to the beauty of motherhood and the interconnectedness of all life.