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Elephant Series 6

Elephant Series 6
Artist: Babu Xavier

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Artist Babu Xavier
Size 11 Inch X11 Inch
Shipping Type Glass Framed
Medium Acrylic on Canvas Sheet

About Artwork

Babu Xavier's masterpiece, 'Elephant Series 6,' captures the majestic bond between a mother elephant and her calf with remarkable finesse. Executed on canvas using vibrant acrylic colours, the artist employs a striking interplay of dark and light greens to portray the intricate details of the elephants. The mother elephant, depicted in a dignified shade of dark green, exudes strength and wisdom as she gracefully walks alongside her light green-hued calf. Babu Xavier skilfully conveys the nurturing essence of maternal love through the tender depiction of the mother's watchful eyes, radiating a sense of protection and care. The contrast between the two shades not only highlights the distinct identities of the mother and child but also underscores the harmonious connection between them. 'Elephant Series 6' stands as a testament to Xavier's artistic prowess, capturing the essence of familial bonds in the animal kingdom with unparalleled depth and emotion.