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Dream Kingdom 3

Dream Kingdom 3
Artist: Rajeev Semwal

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Artist Rajeev Semwal
Size 15 Inch X 21.5 Inch
Created in 2013
Medium Pen on Paper

About Artwork

"Dream Kingdom 3" is a captivating acrylic painting on art paper created by artist Rajeev Semwal. The artwork features two faces and two hands with big open eyes, surrounded by numerous parrots and swan figures. The painting is set against a half-orange and half-red color background, which adds a beautiful contrast to the overall composition.

The faces and hands in the painting are intricately detailed, with fine lines and delicate strokes bringing out their features. The eyes are particularly striking, conveying a sense of wonder and amazement. The parrots and swans are depicted with vivid colors and in various positions, as if they are in motion.

The choice of colors used in this painting is noteworthy. The orange and red hues create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the use of acrylic paints adds depth and texture to the artwork. The combination of the bold colors and intricate details make "Dream Kingdom 3" an eye-catching piece that demands attention.

Overall, Rajeev Semwal's "Dream Kingdom 3" is a stunning work of art that showcases his skill and creativity. The painting is a visual treat, with its vibrant colors and intricate details leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.